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Will you accept Btc/crypto as inheritance or the traditional way?

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Some people say that cryptocurrency is now part of our lives, we now use it for many purposes such as investing to icos, mining, paying it to people and establishments as well as use it to gambling sites such as Primedice. 

Today, many youth are already coming in to join the new trend of making money that is through investing with cryptocurrency. Other people starts by looking for good ico project just so tgey can take advantage of the low price, but as of today, I personally think that Icos are a no no for me now since not all Icos can be available on the primary exchanges. 

Although the which ever the reason on why we join is that the most important thing is we can earn from it, as they always say, go to the moon. Just hodl, mkaayyy!

The main question is that do you even share this idea to your family or loved ones? You also have to remember that we should be able to let them know about this incase of something might happen to us. Way back in the old age, for our grandparents and parents, they buy properties, jewelries and money in bank saving it for the future for their children. In this modern type of investing such as the use of cryptocurrency, do you think that this can now be a part of givng inheritances? 

The cryptocurrency is still having its way to expand, hopefully next year we will see a next wave for cryptocurrency that for sure will open businessmen, entrepreneurs and even your parents in which they will also pass it down to the young generation like us. 


“Son, here is the hardware to your future, don’t share the private keys to others.mkaayyyyyy!”

Sounds kinda weird right, but that can happen of course. For now, what is your opinion to this one, would you do it as well or take the traditional way? 


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Its pretty longshot to think people would use crypto to pass inheritance but it may happen in future. Since a majority of crypto investors are old they will pass on their holdings to their next generation by giving them the private keys of their wallets and accounts and possibly some golden advice too. :D 

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