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Dream about Jackpot

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I fully agree with the author of the topic that it is better to play the jackpot more often and less in sum, so there will be an influx of interested users. Too complicated conditions pushes away the necessary rolls, despite the fact that the jackpot is large, but at the same time it is simply unattainable according to its conditions for winning.


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On 06/12/2018 at 06:40, Lexus19 said:

Hi guys !🖐️

Recently I thought about JackPot, I couldn't remember what  at the forum was information about the fact that  someone  won the jackpot. To catch two  same roll in a row and even such as 77.77 very hard 🤨 , I remember it was vere rare happen when someone caught the same roll in a row . Currently the jackpot is like a mythical dragon 🕊️  which has never been seen except on the picture in the book . It seems to me that if the jackpot was much smaller and it would be easier to win it , it would only benefit the site as it would attract new participants . Let's make it less difficult  to catch  that the chance of winning was at least once in two weeks or even one time a week and  let the amount of winnings will be much less . And in order for this to attract new players , each winner will have to post on Twitter and Facebook about his winnings . You can leave the main jackpot, or 112 bitcoins can be divided into five  years and it will be about 46 million a week which will be a very good and big prize , but even if divided into 10 years ,it will be 23 🚀 million sat and will also be a very good and big  prize . On some sites, the jackpot is 1-5 million but you can win it very often . Primedice  have need  new breath , but the background of the Stake , he goes out .

A real chance to win attracts new players, and the frequent jackpot win will serve for this in the best way . Just to win the jackpot must be defined minimum rate, that it was not quite easy to get it . For example 1000-2000 sat was acceptable for  many players . Well, what do you think about this  guys ? Do you like this idea or let  win one of the happiest in the world and become very rich .  Five hundred thousand dollars is a lot of money in any country .


JackPot is JackPot, its not easy ofc, IMO the winning terms have to remain the same and let's our dream come true/ GL to us all))))

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2 hours ago, Sergunec said:

it would be very nice to raise the jackpot


A jackpot worth 112 BTC and increasing every second is not big enough for you? You sure have a big appetite.

1 hour ago, majes201 said:

A good idea and some part of it I would like to realize, namely, a greater chance to catch the jackpot itself. But in fact the jackpot has really become elusive, and at least there will be hope.

The site gives away a lot more than what it takes. The jackpot is designed to be a tough one to hit. Thats why making it easy to hit misses the point.

36 minutes ago, AlphaRovic said:

The higher the wagering the more chance to get the  winning jackpot... You need a lucky charm :D

The amount you wager, if you hit, only determines the percentage of the jackpot won and does not increase the chance of winning the jackpot.

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