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7 Weird Places To Visit.

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Who doesn’t love to travel? I bet we all do. The world is full of weird and wonderful places. From a mountain on the same level as the clouds to a Japanese island ruled by cats. Where words fail, pictures do the trick.

I am listing 7 Weird Natural Places on earth below. Have a look! You will definitely be updating your bucket list once you have a look at them :)

1) Glowworm Caves – Waitomo, New Zealand


The cave sure looks like it has stars of its own? They are not stars but a unique species of glow worms that are indigenous to New Zealand. Whatever may be the case, these cave sure looks super awesome.

2) Tianzi Mountains, China


Tianzi, loosely translated to English, means “son of Heaven” and definitely its named well — the Tianzi Mountains are truly a breath taking sight.

3) Lake Natron- Petrifying Lake, Tanzania


Through calcification process animals that die in this African lake turns into statues.. The presence of huge volumes of sodium bicarbonate ensure they turn into mummies. Want to take a dip? Don’t even think about it!

4) Lake Hillier, Western Australia


Discovered in 1802 on the largest of the islands in Western Australia’s Recherche Archipelago. The lake is deep pink colour year-round, according to some scientists its due to high salinity combined with the presence of a salt-loving algae species known as Dunaliella salina and pink bacteria known as halobacteria.

5) Cat Island, Japan


A short ferry ride from Japan’s east coast, Tashirojima population of one hundred humans is vastly outnumbered by their furry friends. The cats were originally encouraged as the island produced silk to keep away mice which are a natural predator of silkworms. Local fishermen regarded them as good luck and even a cat shrine is there in the island, along with newly built cat shaped cabins for tourists to stay in.  No dogs are allowed here.

6) Hidden Beach, Mexico


The most popular beach in Mexico. Located in the Marieta Islands near Puerto Vallarta. Its a little tricky getting to the actual beach but its totally worth the trouble.

7) Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain, Peru


Truly a sight to behold. Covered in wide lines of pastel blue, intense red, green, pink and yellow. Currently there is no scientific explanations for this phenomenon.

Which one would you like to travel to?

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