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0.0009 BTC to 0.03 within few hours.

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Hey guys! So I promised yesterday,I’m gonna post strategy how I managed to turn 0.0009 btc into 0.03 btc within one hour. Here we go...

First of all u should pick a base bet(for example I’m using 1/300 of balance)

So with 90k balance,my base bet was 300 sats. I changed seed b4 I started to play and after presses auto betting 1.01x until u gonna have about 2000-3000 bets on seed. After carefully move to 2x and play only ONE SIDE! It’s very important thing,don’t change your side. Play 2x without on lost. Just straight 100-200 bets. After start play 2x with on lost,but don’t go so far,because u can get big red streak and bust all. Martingale only up to 4800 sats(if ur starting bet was 300 sats)

The next step is to get 4 greens 2x in a row and after change payout to 20x and back to base bet. Make 15 bets,if no hit double base bet and make 15 more and again,until u gonna get green. After u are gonna hit green,make 5 bets more to have a chance catch a short streak of greens. And go back to 2x until u gonna get 4 greens in a row again. I’m not gonna say that u don’t have a chance to bust,but this strategy work pretty good to me and I’m happy to share it with u. Good luck in betting!

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Genieeee this facken workssss.... Ty ty ....30k to withdrawable and i wasn't even doing it in any seriousness... Just for fun .... Tc 😘

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Thanks for sharing it @Eugene265!

I'll sure give it a try and see how it works, if it worked i'll let you know, i hope i can win a lot with it and don't just rip me right away :D 

My main strategy is by doing High bets or either All-in bets hahaha, sometimes i get up really fast but also really fast rip... i'm trying to find my own strategies in the future

but now i only do high bets and all-in's :) .


Proud Primedice member!

- Liquiday 😎.

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Well I kinda don't understand why you can't change the side... the odds will be same.
I also think it's pointless to apply Martingale "to some point"... or you keep it until you win, or it becomes pointless.
But sounds a nice plan for playing, I just think it's not more "secure" than the average.


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