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How did you come and start playing in the casino?

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4 hours ago, paecga129 said:

I started to play because a friend of mine was playing some online gambling site ... I tried it when he left and fell in love !!    I learned about crypto about a year later and stumbled upon a few sites!   

Still the question remains do you meant to say he was playing Primedice and then you followed him up to here or from where exactly you cross Primedice's site (information, advertisement or anything else) ?

You mention few sites, i guess Primedice was one of them but from what exactly?

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It was an accident, i was looking for a random dice. I was planning to play a RPG game with friends but didn't have a dice to roll.

I was curious about the site and bookmarked it. I started to play it maybe 6 months later because i forgot my bookmark XD

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