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Unusual pets?

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Hey everyone :)

I was thinking back to my childhood where my best friend owned a snake, and was actually hoping for the snake to lay eggs. Looking back, I am so glad that my parents refused to purchase one for me. If my kids ever want a snake, I will definitely not support the idea :D I've also heard of someone owning a monkey, which sounds cool, but I can just imagine the maintenance and high costs associated with raising a pet monkey, from the food, to the professional skills needed to care for one - it is just too much work and expenses for me.

Personally, I own two dogs, which I love to bits. I chose dogs because they are playful and always are joyful to see me when i return home from work. They are never upset with me, and love me during my lowest times. They are also great because our family can bond with them, and they share in being "part" of the family. They are also great for the kids to play with :)

So do you own any strange pets of your own, or did you just stick to transitional dogs and cats? Also tell me if you don't own pets, what the reasons are if you'd like to share your insight :)

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