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How to start crypto mining (beginner)

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Start crypto mining

How to start Crypto mining for beginner

First, understand how  bitcoin mining works.

Bitcoin mining is the process of verifying cryptocurrency transactions from all users in blockchain.

When you send Bitcoin, you must pay a fee. Your payment will be completed if your transaction has been verified in blockchain.

Who will verified and confirm the transaction and get rewarded?

Q: How to mining? A: Use ASIC miner

What is ASIC miner 

ASIC miner is computers are designed specific for process of verify and confirm transaction on blockchain.

High performant miner, It will good for mining too!

What is Best Profitable ASIC miner.

This is rank on november 2018

- Zeon 180K

- Obelisk SC1

- Whatsminer D1 

- A9 Zmaster

- Antminer Z9

The profit calculation from spec of miner, depend on Hashrate, Power Consumption, Algorithm, Coins price, Difficult rate, and Etc.

When you choose your best miner and ready to buy!

The most important:

It does not matter if the product is cheap or the profitability of ASIC Miner. The most important thing to secure buy ASIC Miner online today is you get a product or not?

Purchasing directly through the manufacturer is the best choice for you. Currently there are many manufacturers and many kinds of models. May cause confusion among beginners.

Of course,The products are sold out quickly. if you can not buy your second choice for you is buy from retailer.

How can you be sure it's safe?

Next article we will introduce buying techniques. Based on real experience from the seller and buyers who have been cheated. 

Please leave comment and follow for notify


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23 minutes ago, dogebot said:

is it legit ?  

and please where can i se a legits  cloud mining sites  on web?

Very few cloud mining sites are actually legit. Most of them are scams, ponzi/MLM/HYIP schemes which will take your money and run away after a few months.

For a good list check this http://www.badbitcoin.org/

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