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Cryptogamblers.pub Telegram game – grab free coins daily!

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So, inspired by one guy, who was trying so hard to steal others tips and exchange it as own (O.o), we are starting a game in our Telegram channels!


Random count daily (maybe once, maybe five?)

At random time (maybe in the morning, maybe at night?)

In random channel (maybe English, maybe Russian?)

Will appear information and details about tip, sent by me to "Dinabot" and not used yet :D

Random coin and amount (maybe 100 doge, maybe 0.1 ltc?)


Who will be winner?

That one, who will notice message first, and will exchange this tip to his own account!


So, subscribe to one of our channels and try to catch it first!

English Telegram channel or Russian Telegram channel



Few useful notes:

  • To catch tip, you should fill form in cryptogamblers.pub with exact same details, provided in Telegram message, as exchange to your account, and click "finish".
  • If you are getting "IP error", means, someone was faster than you and already started exchange process.
  • If too much other exchanges are done after this tip, system won't find it anymore. What a waste! Be fast!
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2st December, 09:46 GMT

0.00005177 btc succesfully claimed by nick33pakistan (Stake) in russian channel, congrats! 

2st December, 10:29 GMT

0.00040101 eth succesfully claimed by jualid (Stake) in English channel, congrats! 

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3st December, 14:56 GMT

0.00014592 btc succesfully claimed by 1RegisterNow (Primedice) in English channel, congrats! 

4st December, 08:33 GMT

0.00013162 bch succesfully claimed by AEDGE (Primedice) in Russian channel, congrats! 

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