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Crypto Wallet Review Needed

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Hey guys :)
Does anyone have experience with a crypto wallet called Celsius?


It pays interest on all coins you deposit into it. I'd love to hear if someone here uses them. Seems like a good place to park your coins, but I would like some reassurance before I trust them with a bunch of my coins.

I'd love to hear if any of you have used this wallet and whether you think it is safe to trust them with my coins :)

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I believe you are referring to the CEL ICO which allows people to get a 5% interest on the amount they hold on their wallet. Honestly that pretty meager for those who are holding small amounts. But for big holders it might generate some good amount. But also its if you hold it for a year and also there is risk of funds being stolen - who knows when the team members would want to scam its investors? No law enforcement can help you there. They will still manage to run away.

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