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FINISHED Cryptogamblers.pub GIVEAWAY#1

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So, time and for some small giveaway from Pub :) Cheers! :D

Starts: 24th Nov   

Ends: 1st Dec


  • 1st place: 0.08 ltc
  • 2nd place: 0.04 ltc
  • 3rd place: 0.02 ltc

How to enter:

  • Join one of our Telegram channels (English or Russian). To verify that, pm me (DLupandina) in Telegram with your Primedice username, from same your tele acc, you joined channel.
  • Make at least one exchange in cryptogamblers.pub with provided acc during giveaway period, from 24th Nov to 1st December (currency/amount doesn't matter). 
  • Alt accounts are not allowed. (I will consider username as your alt account, If will find in history your exchanges with that username).

Winners will be chosen on 1st Dec, during @shinjo live stream  :D
Psssst: same giveaway in Stake too :)

List of confirmed entries:

1. Owly

2. Alamar

3. BladeMaster

4. dmbadillo10

5. MiSaMo


7. eldrindcm

8. sourc3code

9. AlphaStorm

10. 1RegisterNow

11. irawk0

12. samsul123

13. Amnonius

14. RAZIEL100

15. mrbitco83


Shinjo's stream in few mins, winners will be picked there :) Good luck to all! 

Prizes sent to:

  1. MiSaMo - 0.08 ltc
  2. samsul123 - 0.04 ltc
  3. eldrindcm - 0.02 ltc


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