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We need a French section to be on this Forum

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as i can see the number of the players who can speak french is enough to make the comunity add a section for french players.

not only players from france can speak french, some european players, most of african players, and most of arabs in here can speak it, so the number is not small.

if you agree with what i suggested please leave a replay to support the suggestion, so they may add it for us. :)


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Hey, @Chikou1306 :)

The amount of French players is not so big on the site atm. Not as big as it is necessary to make a whole new section and a separate language channel, the community shouldn't be divided into such small portions either ;) If the playerbase expands and the idea of the new chat's is still present, we will make sure to reopen this topic. 

Until then, locked 🍀

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