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Choose a Charity Poll #4

Choose a Charity Poll #1  

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  1. 1. Which charity should we donate $1,000 to?

    • Omninano.org
    • Codetoinspire.org
    • Eff.org
    • Wikipedia.org
    • Litecoin-foundation.org

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Check out the charities below and cast your vote for the one you want us to donate $1,000 to

  • Omninano.org - Omni Nano has a mission to inspire today's youth to become the leading scientists of nanotechnology. Their goal is to make nanotechnology education available in every high school and college.
  • Codetoinspire.org - Code to Inspire is the first coding school for women in Afghanistan. CTI uses technology education to empower women in their fight for social, political and economic equality.
  • Eff.org - The Electronic Frontier Foundation defends civil liberties in the digital world. EFF's goal is to ensure that rights and freedoms are enhanced and protected as our use of technology expands.
  • Wikipedia.org - Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that is created and edited by volunteers worldwide.
  • Litecoin-foundation.org - The Litecoin Foundation is a promoter of both Bitcoin and Litecoin. Their main goal is developing and advancing blockchain technology for the future.

A winner will be decided by which charity has the highest total votes between Twitter and the forum polls! (Combined with Stake votes)

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i guess i wil have to go with the second one ! 

* omninano.org  is a site based on nanotechnology researches and theories, and that part of physics is getting a lot of attention from all the scientists, even elon musk himself is supporting nanotechnology, so our support wont make a difference.

* wikipedia.org is getting a lot of support every single day, so it doesnt matter if we couldnt help this time.

* the litecoi-foundation.org is developping the blockchain technology ? its interresting and deserves support, but there are another periorities at the moment.

i think the best thing we can do is supporting the education, i dont say the other sites dont deserve our support, but still education must be in the top of the list, of our periorities.


                                                              (  special thanks to primedice staff for theyr great work )

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On 28/11/2018 at 11:42, Chikou1306 said:

actually im a bit surprised wikipedia won this charity poll, can anyone please share the results ? :) i want to see how many people voted for wikipedia instead of supporting the education ! :) 

The results are all combined votes between the Primedice poll, Stake poll and both Twitters.

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