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What was your best run on one strategy?

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I'm sure we can all agree that our favourite strategy is the one we've been most successful in, in terms of profit. Share your best runs below!

My best run was from using this high risk strategy:

Base bet: 100 sats


Increase on loss: 11%

Increase on win: 11%

Stop profit: 50k sats

I started with 50k sats btc and managed to get to 2 million before busting and losing it all. This was done in under 10 minutes.

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Did you try replicating 50k to 2 million?  I got a faucet to a nice multiplier before busting, I was doubling win or loose, and resetting on profit.  But with higher session I usually gain just a little before busting it all.

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I always play at 1.2× payout now. But I never use the feature increase on winning in my full gambling history. Actually I don't understand the point that why I should increase on win as I got profit already I should decrease the amount. 

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I do not consider a best run based on one simple strategy. Let's be realistic you won't get a best thing just by running one strategy.

You need to adapt according with your rolls history, seed probabilistics and many other gambling factors.

Anyway and back to the topic's question:

My best runner was when i bet with a very low safe strategy for 2 days from 10000 up to 0.13 with a 1 satoshi base and 3x multiplier using martingale.

But busted due to greediness....

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