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What do you think about the New "Vault Feature"

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On 14/11/2018 at 12:08, MrNice23 said:

In my opinion Vault feature is very useful , now you don't need to create a Bank account anymore , you can save your funds in your personnal vault linked to your account and use them whenever you want.

Do you think it's a useful feature or maybe you think it's useless , tell me what your thoughts about it in your comments.


I haven't used the Vault yet, but my take on this is, the concept is very good.

Instead of having an alt for your "Bank Account", we can now keep our savings to our own vault.

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3 minutes ago, GilangMustaqin said:

the vault feature is very useful for me, if i reached profit i can stored to vault and if i busted i can recover my loss with my vault balance 😉

Well if you continue with that you will soon drain your balance on the vault as well. That would be no different from busting what you happened to win.

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The vault system is so good. Better and Better than the Bank system.

There are a lot of errors that happen in the bank system that I feel it gives people headache rather than go through the Vault system.

The vault system gives your immediate access to your funds without headache. 

In a country like mine, where a bank can get closed anytime, the vault system is okay. There is no need to keep money in the bank again. Just change you local currencies to coin, then viola! You are good to go. 


But there is a big but 😁😁😂, You can use all your life savings to roll dice and you can have heart attack. 🙄🙄😂🎉

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I feel like it's a safer deposit box where i can store my profits (funds) for future withdrawling all at same time avoiding additional fees and network delays.

I also enjoy it like 5 stars due to being somewhere where i can safely store my balance without any additional concerns, being Primedice i trust it 100%.

Concerning gambling <-> vault relation, I will use it mostly as i said, profit from some strategy and move some of it to the vault where i WILL NOT withdraw from it back to gambling.

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