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hello, i need help fixing my script.

so I want the bot to start from:
- chance 98
- bet under
if the roll number is equal or more than 47.14 for 6 times, then:
- chance becomes 47.14
- bet still under
- multiplier 2
if win then bet back from start with chance 98.

anyone can help? thank you



function dobet()
    if (currentroll >= 47.14) then
        rightside +=1
    else if rightside==6
        bethigh = false
    if win and (currentroll <= 47.13) then
        rightside = 0


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On 02/10/2019 at 19:08, Optimus1989 said:

Hey have you tried the bot, if yes could you please provide the feedback

I'm running it on ArchLinux, and it seems working fine unilt now! I'm waiting for the armv6 version in order to trying the bot on my raspberry!

Good luck

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