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Putting down nicotine

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Hey ho!

I will tell you about my story about stop smoking. Maybe it will inspire you to stop or give you the right motivation to follow my example.

Why did I want to stop smoking?

Well. Not only the growing pressure from society and my missing money was reason enough to stop with this "bad habit". First of all was my healthstatus. Coughing.. slime in my throat. My gums in a bad shape and of course the teeth. Also the risk of (particularly lung cancer) cancer hovering above me.

You could say that people smoke and get over 100 years old. Yeah, things like that happen. But the fact remains, that the health problems outgrow those "good news" for smoker. For me I didn't want to put it on risk anymore.

Therefore I set a date to stop.

What was the hard part?

The fear. Having the fear that I would miss cigarettes. Miss the occasions of being around other ones (smokers) and that I don't know how to fill up these gaps of time. To sum it up... its more a psychological thing to stop than physically.

So when the moment came, I was nervous and unsure if I could do it. But I smoked the last cigarette and threw the tobacco into the bin somewhere outside (out of reach :D). I gotta say.. I had some tough days at that time. Having a small surgery and being not at home and so on.

There were often thoughts of "god dammit. Just smoke, whatever". But I stayed strong. I still do. I'm through with it for 4 months and 15 days.

How bad are the cravings?

I gotta say.. it depends. I bet that someone who use to smoke two packs a day will have a harder time than someone who only kills 5 cigs a day.

As mentioned before, the cravings were strong. Particularly the first two weeks. Over time it got easier to withstand them. You find easy routines and tricks to manage that. Somewhen you stop thinking about having a smoke.

But after four months.. -  not gonna lie here - I still have cravings. And they're strong and I wanted to give in some times now. I didn't. I know that will get better and its just a phase, mom! But to be honest.. it fills me a little with fear, that the cravings never will let off me. And I guess this is the bitter truth. Its an addiction.

What changed after stopping?

A lot:

  • No coughing
  • No slime in throat
  • Better breathing
  • Heart goes more easy
  • Blood pressure went down
  • Taste got slightly better

Boom. More than enough reason to stop. Just imagine that this things going bad, when you consume cigarettes and nicotine.

What helped me stopping?

For some.. the book from Allen Carr's easy way to stop smoking. Very easily. I did it once and it worked veyr good.. but I had one cigarette one time and ruined it.

The second time.. it didn't really help.. But I stumbled upon this reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/stopsmoking/

And the app:

Google Playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.portablepixels.smokefree&hl=en

Apple Appstore: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/smoke-free-quit-smoking-now/id577767592?ls=1&mt=8

I still use the app and the reddit. Especially when I get weak or to exchange knowledge and experience and help others to stop.


I hope I could give some insight about stopping and why you should. There is no benefit in smoking, believe me. I live a better life without cigarettes. I'm open for discussion and questions.. just shoot them at me :)!

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until now I am a smoker, there is a desire to quit, but it has not yet had a great determination.
I have tried several times to quit smoking, but the environment is not supportive, because almost all of my friends are smokers.
I'm happy to read this, and I'll be safe for my reference later.:) thanks

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Hell , i'm a smoker , i would say a big one , i smoke like 2 packs per day , but i really want to quit or at least to reduce my consumption , i know i can do it , i keep faith , thanks for the topic @CaptainLorca i will try again to quit after 2 attempts ended by a fail...

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Why are you still smoking, if you already know it's not good for your health?
When you are addicted to smoking, you can no longer control the desire for what you do so you will justify any means to obey the addiction.

Along with the increasing number of cigarettes that you suck, the nervous system of the brain will become more accustomed to nicotine exposure. This causes an increase in nicotine levels in the blood of smokers. Gradually, your body will build tolerance to nicotine.

That is, you need more cigarettes and more frequent smoking to be able to get the happy effect that is equal when you first smoke. This makes smokers want to continue smoking again. That's why a smoker can quickly and easily become addicted to nicotine.

Therefore, do not rule out the possibility that the effects of this addiction make it difficult for you to stop smoking. No matter what risks might undermine you later, however, you should continue to smoke in order to avoid the symptoms that may arise when quitting smoking - for example, sour mouth, headaches, coughing, insomnia, to drastic mood changes (frustration, irritability , impatient, even depressed).

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I also include smokers. it might even be said to be a heavy smoker. a day I can spend four to five packs of cigarettes.

honestly, I really want to stop smoking, even I had time to regret getting to know cigarettes. but what is the power of rice has become pulp. smoking has become my daily routine.

I've tried various ways to stop smoking. but until now there is still no change. once there is a slight change, it is only a packet or two reduction in a day.

I like to read your article. like I have to try your way again. I hope I'm as lucky as you who can stop smoking. I really want that.

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I used to be a smoker and can quit smoking by thinking if you stop then the money you use can be smoked and can buy your dream items. yes I stopped and the usual money to smoke I used to buy favorite items such as smartphones and then food and now I want to buy a car. pray for me to be achieved, thank you.

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