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10 things that shook the Bitcoin WORLD !

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So there are many events that happened in the Time lapse of Bitcoin like the good things the bad things the surprising things etc. 

But there are some moments which should be never forgotten

So here is an Article that shows 10 Days that shook the world of Bitcoin 


It mainly shows about the creation of Bitcoin and its brother Bitcoin Cash and its rise fall etc. 

Leave your favorite ones below :) 

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Interesting list. Very very interesting.


The 1st and the 2nd on this list was breathtaking.

The last message of Sathoshi and the man that sold hard drugs with it. I went to check Ross Ulbricht profile and I could read about a man that changed the way we see BTC.

There were others that were linked with the Silk Road and I could not just stop looking at them as gods. Yes, what they did with it was bad, but they changed the future of BTC for life. 

And Yes, Nakatomo is one man, that got tired of life when the BTC was less than a dollar. He was just tired and moved on to other things 

Interesting list, I must tell you. The Birth of Bitcoin Cash. The scams also made by it. Long interesting List, and it was worth the read. 

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Bitcoin Hits $1,000, November 27, 2013:

I think this one was the one that everyone thought: well Bitcoin is finally going to the top, who knows if this will be IT?

Craig Wright Is Satoshi Nakamoto, May 2, 2016:

Ye sure, let the media influentiate on who is the real guy, everyone can be the guy that created satoshi, bitcoin who ever you wanna call it.

The Birth of Bitcoin Cash, August 1, 2017:

Everyone thought it would not be a "thing", and so here we are now and it is a big thing.

$20,000 BTC, December 17, 2017:

Please when will we have BTC great AGAIN like this? Still waiting :D

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Yeah definitely what shocked me the most in "Bitcoin World" was when the price reached in December 2017 all time high of 20k USD which in my opinion was like a warning that finance will never be the same in a near future! To Be Continued.....

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On 20/10/2018 at 10:54, parlamentum said:

I again want to play with bets in 1 bitcoin) there were times)

Well even at the current price $3700 is a lot to gamble in 1 bet. But I do agree, it would have been awesome to place 1 btc bets when it was still cheap and win loads of btc without fear of loss. Especially knowing what happened to the price in December 2017.

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