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My history of gambling

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firstly if u dont care about others story and perfection about grammar. please stop reading.

  1. i start about all my life in gambling . 
  2. i know no one care. biggest i win only like 0.040000000 . and i dont cash out. literally its just penny money i start of
  3. i quit my job and chase the girl.
  4. now im jobless cause i dont want to hurt my girl.which i know its stupid.
  5. i want to quit and go to forum in hope, i can get away with my addiction.
  6. i think thats just all about it.just want to get it out from my chest
  7.  if u have cool story .sad or just want to release from chest. feel free to share .maybe we can help each other. doesnt mean we are on gambling site we cant quit . share me if u have some tip to recover from addiction

i think its useless saying to quit in gambling site


so im going to reverse psychology



please gamble all ur life. your home and your future in gambling. who know u can be the lucky one?


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Hello @Ohohoho, is that your story or some released in the clouds individual thoughts? :ph34r:

Anyway are you still active and would like for some advice? Just be patient and bet with low strategies, i seem to see that you might be stressed out or inpatient and so losing alot? By any means I intend to offend or anything. Just trying to help you.

I also don't have anything to say concerning my life in gambling, im ok and had some downs as you but not so ubber strong like the ones you said with girl and everything else.

I just learned my away throw the loses and started winning based on my experience.

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lol, well hopefully for you the reverse psychology has worked. I know many people who have made a life commitment to stop gambling, and because of their good self control, they didn't ever gamble again. All it takes is self control :)

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