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Coinbase is extending !!

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Well Coinbase is now extending thats right my favourite wallet is extending xD. 

Well the exchange is not yet like in the process of getting new furniture and all but Mike Lempers the Chief policy officer at Coinbase said that they are trying to get their regulatory approval so that they can operate in Japan. 

This is a big move because in Japan there are a lot of coin wallets and exchanges so its gonna be hard for them to compete but Ia sure they will do their best and reach on the top. 

Source https://news.bitcoin.com/exchanges-yobit-pump-okcoin-stablecoin/?utm_source=OneSignal Push&utm_medium=notification&utm_campaign=Push Notifications

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1 hour ago, athena2007 said:

I am sure the japanese people will like to stick to thier own. me personally am not a fan of coinbase but they do have a big clientel..

Well if coinbase does some good commission or zero free exchanges or some good advantages of some sort then maybe the Japanese people might move on. Also maybe they will like this better and stick on to it. Everyone likes benefits in crypto world especially fee basis !! 

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