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Heya guys,

There was previously a topic about this, but that was way too long ago. Let me re-introduce everyone to a Cloud Mining site that I've been using for almost a year now.

The site is called MinerFarm. So what is MinerFarm?


Yes, that's right. MinerFarm is somehow like a simulation, or I can say a game of mining, as if you own mining rigs in real life. :D

"Really? How does it work?" Lemme answer that too.


Yes. The site gives you a FREE 100 GH/s device upon registering. And yes, all the coins that you earn here is WITHDRAWABLE. Again, as if you own your own mining rigs in real life.

Not convinced? Let me show you my devices on this site so far. I started this like December 2017 as far as I can remember. I started with the free 100GH/s device. And of course, I invested a some satoshis to buy stronger devices. Then, I compound. Meaning, all those that I earn, I use them to buy stronger devices. Now I have 9 1.5 TH/s devices, and of course still have the Free 100GH/s device running. :)

Here's what my dashboard looks like:


There it shows your current balance. Also your running hash power, device temperature, current idle power, earnings for the last 24 hours and all-time earnings (not including fees).

Speaking of temperature, power and fees. So Like I mentioned above, its like a game. So since you have mining devices, it needs maintenance too. So you have to have air conditioning devices, and power devices (I purchase those too to have my devices at full efficiency.). Without those, the devices might over heat, and will not give you the best results that you want.

See my inventory for the air conditioners and power supplies:


Now see my mining devices:


The Mining devices, as you can see, has their health bars. Meaning, the devices needs to be repaired at a certain time. There are Repair Employees that you can hire at the "Employee Market" section, located at the menu (you can easily find it once you explore the site further.).

When it comes to fees, of course, the site will deduct maintenance fees on a daily basis and is computed respectively:


BTW, this can be viewed through the "Help" pages with other basic questions that a new user can have: https://minerfarm.com/help

"Were you able to withdraw from the site already?" - Definitely. I wasn't planning to withdraw before, but due to some emergency, I did:



In conclusion, I am still into this Cloud Mining site. It makes me busy daily, checking out my devices and their daily performance, while earning with it as well. :)

Interested? You can register using my referral link here: http://www.minerfarm.com/login?r=31245#toregister

Clean Link: http://www.minerfarm.com

The site has a referral system that is quite reasonable. See the rules below:

  • When a player registers with your reference link, you will earn 3% Ghs power of that player from their purchases from the "Shop" unless they keep the miners in the account's inventory.
  • Miners that have been purchased from "Trade" does not count for the reference system.
  • You can be reference for unlimited number of new registers.
  • Reference system is valid for only miners. Employee (engineers, technicians), cooling units and power supplies does not count for the references.

Have some questions in mind? Just drop it on the comments below. I will try to answer as accurate as possible. :D

Have a great day ahead!


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