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As previously discussed on some of my topics, I am a frequent mobile user. I access the site using my Android phone.

I haven't mentioned this on a topic ever since the update for PD5, but since that update, it has been laggy for me on chat, and sometimes even on the rolls. After doing basic troubleshooting steps like clearing my phone's cache and cookies, and the browser's as well, it didn't give much of a change.

Thus, I can't help but to compare it to the update on Stake. Before, Stake's chat was the laggy one for me, but it became smoother after they updated.

Any mobile users having the same experience? Or maybe some mobile users here that figured out a way to have a smoother PD experience on mobile? I would appreciate the share. :D

PS: I am using Chrome browser on my phone, and already tried this in Incognito too. :)

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30 minutes ago, Noeprellik1 said:

I am a mobile user too. I feel that access PD from mobile is slightly laggy maybe because of my poor moblie spec if compare to PC or laptop

I see. What's you phone if you don't mind? I'm using a Samsung J7. When going to Stake, its smoother. But on PD, like what I mentioned above, is too slow and laggy.

Responses delayed for some reason.

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12 hours ago, Noeprellik1 said:

Im using samsung galaxy tab a6

I see.

I dont know. But seems like the mobile version needs a fix.

12 hours ago, Marija said:

You could also make sure your device has the latest system update and that the browser you are using is updated to the newest version. Hope it could be helpful, dmb :)

Hey, @Marija! 😄

Yea, I'm pretty sure my device and browser is updated. But still. 😵

Anyways, I'll try to figure this one out.

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17 hours ago, athena2007 said:

im uusing a samsung 6plus and i have never had a problem with lags .. i only do on my comp wierd. 

Yea kinda weird. Im pretty sure its not my phone, coz' I am all good on Stake chat. :D


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