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Google to Reverse Crypto Ad Ban for Exchanges Advertising

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Well Internet giant Google is takin a step back and Reversing Crypto Ad Ban for Exchanges Advertising in US, Japan.

So google will be allowing registered cryptocurrency exchanges to advertise on its Google Adwords platform which will bring crypto to a better light .

They had previosly banned all advertisments that had to do with crypto..so lets see where they will go from here ..

Whats your thaughts on this matter ?


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2 hours ago, Betwrong said:

This is really a great news! 

To be honest, I'm a bit tired of waiting for Bitcoin to bounce back to $20k.

Maybe this will speed up the process? :) We'll see. Hopefully it will.



this will be a great stem for crypto this defenetly will raise the price to 10k$ at least, but this is a wish more than an predection :) 

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On 26/09/2018 at 22:14, KoningHosselaar said:

-253 satoshis ? lol @PKan And yeah it could make the price peak a little bit but not expecting too much 



what to do? I am new to forum, still learning

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