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Strategies and pattern

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Hi all, 

I just wanted to share few thought about strategies, I hope you ll find it interesting or at least understandable 😉

Here I go. 

First of all I never go all-in it s a balance buster. My bet size is between 1 to 5% depending on how much I have ( if I don't have much I ll use 5%)

I do not play martingale neither for same reason. 

That said I use very simple strategy based on how the rolls are. I m explaining my self :

I be noticed three patterns

-1st : rolls are once high once low, sometimes its 2 or even 3 of each. And the number or either under 40 or over 60. (Nota : In order to know if it switching every 1/2 or 3 rolls I usually prebet - meaning bet with 0 stake) 

In that case I try to follow the rolls by switching between under and over. I set odds to 2.2 / 2.5

-The second pattern is when  I be got several rolls between 40 to 60. Sometimes I had 10 or more rolls that were in this middle range. 

In that situation I lower odds until having over 40 or under 60. Odds are between 1.65 to 1.8. I keep switching under/over. 

-3rd pattern is more rare. It s when rolls gives very high or low numbers. Like 0-10 and 90 to 99.99. In that case I raise odds to over 89 or under 10 ( or safer over 85 and under 15). I keep switching between over and under. 

Well that s all. Obviously those patterns are not like clockwork, it s remains a game of luck but I noticed it is the most common I ve encountered. 

Please leave me a comment to tell me if you too noticed those or others, it ll be helpful for me at least and maybe others too. 

I hope it wasn't to painfull to read because my English isn't that good, I know it... 

Anyway Thanks for reading. 

Good luck with you bets and good day 


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i think you are doing good on that strategy...i myself also been exploring what strategy to used and im sticking to 3x payout and monitoring my rolls by just 0 bet then when i feel it hit green i raised it to 500-1000 hihihi but i know at some point rolls will rigged so i need to make a good decision but i strongly recommend to follow your guts 😅
and set limits on your rollings also.goodluck

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Definitely all in is balance buster. There is no patterns at all its just go with your guts game. Its just that we like to believe that there is patterns but actually there is none. RNG so no one knows what the next roll will be 😊 Keep doing it if its going good.

Interesting post.

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