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Please to meet you Let me introduce myself (hoo-hoo) ...

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Hi there

I m new here, but not on Prime-dice, i had a former account but lost my credentials so i created a new one.

In few words, i'm french , 39 years old, 3 beautifull kids and a marvelous wife i love so much, working on night shift so i can be online more than often.

I like gambling, but more sports gambling, that i feel less hasardeous. Nonetheless i like provably fair dice games as i ve seen that it could be really profitable, once you have a conservativ strategy and once you know enough yourself to lnow when to stop.

I m following closely btc since something like 5 years now, and as many of us i regret not to have buy a bunch of them when it was so cheap. I had some btc bought when it was around 300 € but sold em few times later when it was 650 €... a year later it was like 15000€ i wanted to cry ! like many of us i bet !

I hope spend some cool moments with this nice community i already appreciate

what else can i say ? long life to the cryptos they are the future !

last thing i know we are several french ppl here, and i was wondering if it could be possible starting a french chat ? i imagine it requires many ppl, and a need for moderation, but maybe one day it could become real ?

Have a nice day all, thanks for reading me, GL to all primedicers




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Hello, Niko, and welcome to our forum! :)

What a nice introduction, it really feels like we know you better already! :) 

When it comes to losing credentials for your old account, you can always contact us in support and we will try to help you retrieve your account if you want that. :) 

Question about the French chat room was asked a few times, but we really have only few regular French members, that would make the chatroom dead and it would be hard to moderate at the moment, since we have only one mod that's using French language. But definitely something we might change in future.

Best of luck playing and I hope you're enjoying being a part of this community! :) 

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