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China, Russia & USA in Race to Use Blockchain for Military Operations

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Not really a surprise since almost all the new techs are use in priority or quickly in the military environment. Internet was used by the army before coming to public, exoskeletons are already in use in the army before reaching the masses, drones were used for a long time, ... now it will be the same with blockchain.

The advantages of running a blockchain could work on different levels like managing inventories, lower the costs of operating, tracking and delivering supplies, detect and possibly counter cyber attacks, create new cryptographic algorithms, etc.

Source : https://bitcoinist.com/china-russia-usa-blockchain-military/

The thing with the army is : if we start to learn about their interest in the technology, they probably have already something in place or close. When things go public they are years ahead of that.

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Not sure how much this news is true. But it seems to me is a FUD article because most of the news associated with the titles of military uses this and that as basically used to manipulate people's mind with fear (the F of FUD) - so that they would steer clear of that. I wonder what others would think.

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