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Good Trading Platform 

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The conditions you are asking for are that of an ideal exchange and such an exchange does not exist in real life. You have to try out different exchanges and understand which one suits your style. Some features of one exchange might be better than others while some other features may not.

Its all a personal taste. ;) 

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I'll tend to say Binance have the 4 points you're looking after. Buy some BNB coins there and you'll have some advantages about the fees (who are already low at 0.15% or something like that)

You cna read this article, maybe a little outdated tho : https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@davidhay/top-7-reasons-to-buy-and-hold-binance-bnb-coins

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On 21/09/2018 at 19:18, anonnep said:

hey guys  do u know  any good  trading platform for  trading ..wheere  

1) trading can be  done  fast  

2) exchange  must be  fast  

3) exchange  fee  must be  small  

4) withdrawal must be  fast 


1) speed of trading depend on market conditions

2) what you consider fast? instant?

3) for fees always read fine print :)

4) withdrawal sometimes depends on blockchain not only trading / exchanging site


if you're searching for specific names previous posters mentioned few, but still all depends on what you want to trade

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