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DICEBET - Brand New dice site, seems like it has much prospect!

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So I just came across a brand new dice site that was literally launched today:


I'm usually very skeptical of such sites, but after visiting and trying it out im actually quite surprised! The house edge there is 0.7%, and they offer BTC, ETC, and LTC wagering. Also, they offer an investment option with up to 50x leverage. From my experience in the past, investing into such sites in the very beginning is the BEST way to make crazy amounts of profit later down the line when the site becomes more known. I was able to speak to the admin of the site (Mike), and he seems like a standup guy. The site is provably fair, and you can change your client seed to anything you'd like which is very important.

I also tried depositing for both BTC and ETH and they both were credited quickly. Withdrawals also work instantly as well. One great thing I like is that you can set your own fee amount for BTC withdrawals, something I wish all dice sites offered. Max win is a bit low at the moment, but i'm sure it will continue to increase as more investors join the site.

There's no faucet on the site, but if you type in the chat, the admin Mike will tip you some LTC. I'm on there too, so if you mention that you're from PD I'll try and tip you some My username on there is administrator btw, lol. I did that thinking it was going to be a scam site and was going to troll, but it ended up being legit. Asked if the actual admin could change my username, but he said it would be easier to just create a new account which I will here soon.

Again, the site is literally BRAND NEW (opened today apparently), so theres still a few things that need to be worked out on it. But for the most part, I like where its going! I deposited 0.1ETH and I've made around 0.03 so far just messing around. Also deposited around 0.0015 and Ive made around 0.0005 so far We shall see where the site leads, but I can definitely say that it's safe to deposit your funds at the site as both deposits and withdrawals are confirmed working by me. The biggest prospect I see in the site is investing early, Im going to probably send some BTC, ETH, and LTC there and run it on 25x. If things pick up, it would be easy to 5-10x my initial investment as house always wins over time. Take a look at Yolodice's investment stats since the beginning to see prospect for investments. The admin also said that he's planning on running promos and competitions soon, so that should help with more people wagering.

Anyhow, check out the site if you have a chance - I obviously can't speak for everything on the site as I don't own it or work there, but from what I see so far and through playing there I think its def legit. If you see me playing there, say hi!


Btw: they will be offering affiliate payouts, but it will be a few more weeks before its running.

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