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Blockchain Could Tackle Pressing Environmental Challenges

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At least that's what said the World Economic Forum in a recent report. Even if they noticed the inefficiencies in proof-of-work blockchains they also saw some positive potential impact on the environment.

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC, who conducted the study) there is an opening "for fresh ideas to harness this nascent technology to help deliver big gains for our environment... Blockchain could "create a sustainability revolution." "


Blockchains could improve management of national resources, create more transparent supply chains, and provide new mechanisms for raising the investment needed to achieve low-carbon, sustainable economic growth.  Blockchain technology could also improve disaster preparedness and humanitarian relief by providing decentralized, shared, trusted systems, distributing vital information and improving the efficiency of delivering aid after an event.

They focused their attention on 6 key areas like climate change, healthy oceans, water security, clean air, etc. 

But they realize that some  of the actuals Proof-of-Work blockchains can hurt that progress if they don't turn to a Proof-of-Stake or Chia protocol. They will continue to explore and develop that first study in the near future.

The full study can be read here :https://www.pwc.com/gx/en/sustainability/assets/blockchain-for-a-better-planet.pdf

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