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Ethereum Surges 33% Within 4 Days..

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Ethereum Surges 33% Within 4 Days which i am sure many of you who hold ETH are quite happy with as the price that webnt down to 163 dollar has bounced back to 220 dollars .

Im hopeing it will continue the upward spiral and hit its maximum aain.

What do you think ETH will moon or drop back down leave your replies and comments please ?

Source :https://cryptoslate.com/ethereum-surges-33-within-4-days-will-eth-be-able-to-sustain-momentum/

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20 minutes ago, KoningHosselaar said:

I wonder if one of those altcoins could pass the bitcoin? Is that possible?

i suppose anything is possible but BTC should and will stay in the forefront of the crypto coin as market leader  as it way ahead of the rest and i belive it will stay there ,

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Ethereum wont moon at this time. A lot of FUD is being made about it and people are not willing to buy it. Even if there is a pump some people are selling ethereum and making it balanced. Seems like an easy way to make money but its risky to sell at this point because a bigger pump would happen gradually over time in future.

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