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Graphic designer searching for customers

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Hello everyone! 

Who am I and what do I do?

My name is Justin and I'm a graphics designer and photo editor. I've been editing and drawing for years now (since 2014).
I'm currently doing a study here in the Netherlands for psychiatrist. Since my study is really expensive and because of the fact that I have a huge debt because of that now I'm trying to get a bit of money to pay off my debt and finish my study. Because I can't take it to study the whole day and work like 4/5 hours next to that and get up early in the morning again.
So I'm trying to find an alternative of getting income to do on my own and what I enjoy the most. And that is drawing and graphic design. 
Now I'm not charging a lot for it. On my Fiverr gig I have three packages currently. The 1st one is for editing one picture, logo or drawing etc. The 2nd one two and the 3th one three.  And each package has it's own benefits. Like the cheapest package is just standard. But the other packages include some benefits like a PSD file to edit yourself. Or if it's anything website related social media icons etc. You can see the gig or purchase here: https://www.fiverr.com/sanderkroon/create-a-professional-logo-or-edit-an-image-to-your-needs.

How does payment work?

Well it wouldn't be nice if I only asked for normal money on a Cryptocurrency gambling site. If you contact me on Primedice you can get the packages with a discount. So the 1st package is $9. The 2nd one is $15 and the 3th one is $20 without most of the benefits though. You can pay me in Bitcoin and I'll start working on it instantly. I'll create it for you asap mostly in a few hours already. If you want to buy the extra benefits which are also listed on Fiverr those are 1$ each so also pretty cheap. :)

Friendly Regards,


For questions you can always message me :) 

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