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Bitcoin Will Rebound, But Altcoins are ‘Never Coming Back’: BitPay Exe

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One of Bitpays which is one of the oldest and largest cryptocurency payment processors leading execuctives has stated to bloomberg tv thats altcoins have seen there rise and fall and wont rise again but he has said BTC will rise and always lead the way .

I think hes full of u know what and every coin can comeback and peak at an extraordinary value..

Whats your opinion on this ???

Source: https://www.ccn.com/bitcoin-will-rebound-but-altcoins-are-never-coming-back-bitpay-exec/

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I am not of the same opinion. If we check the price charts of bitcoin and altcoins (the top10) then there has been a rise in price for altcoins as bitcoin rises. But if bitcoin drops altcoins tend to bleed out as well. Since bitcoin is the biggest currency of purchase of altcoins, that makes sense. 

However for any newcomers I suggest a majority involvement with bitcoin before altcoins but that does not mean altcoins have no future. You can very well trade them for good returns.

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