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Could It Be A Case Of Manipulation?XRP’s Recent Decline?

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XRP’s Recent Decline is the question and why when it was looking so strong with is backers and so i mean at one time it was nearly 4 dollars now its 90 percent down.

Do you think its been pummped and then dropped as a lead weight as we all had high hopes on this coin .

What are your thaughts will this coin bounce back or will it stay at the sub 1 dollar price ???

Source: https://ethereumworldnews.com/xrps-recent-decline-could-it-be-a-case-of-manipulation/



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2 hours ago, UltraChief said:

XRP being 90% down would be a good buy in if anyone asks me. I would aim for the same type of profit that was last year during the bull run. Thats how you can make money from the price fluctuations. Who cares if Ripple is "centralized shit" - we can make money by trading it.

sounds like a plan ultra ill have a little dabble and see what comes from it .. thanks for ya reply.

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