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Four Alternatives to Shapeshift

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As we know (or not) Shapeshift had to change their business model recently, it was an place where you bought cryptos without revealing your identity but they had to compell with the law and are now asking a full KYC registration which kill the best part of the service.

But they are not the only one on the field and there is still few options if you want to enjoy the "anonymous" way of life to buy BTC.


Some are already weel known like Changelly or Coinswitch, some will have their spotlight time with the "death" of Shapeshift (like Flyp.me or Changenow). And this list only provide 4 sites but there is more than that (Metamorph Pro, Faa.st, ..)

Source : https://news.bitcoin.com/four-alternatives-to-shapeshift/

Did you alreadu use of those 4 services ? If it's the case what do you think about it ?

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