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ICO Funding Has Plummeted to the Lowest Level Since April 2017

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According to data complied by Autonomous Research, august 2018 was the worse month in term of money invested in ICOs project in the last 16 months. With only 326 million $ spent this august that's an entire market who totally crashed since his all time high in january/february and march this year (around 3 billions a month at that time).


The author of the article see a correlation between that drop and the price of ETH going down too since there was a lot of ICOs based on the  Ethereum blockchain. Less ICO mean less use for ETH, less transactions & co.

But there is also some other factors to take in count like China banning simply all ICOs, all the scammy projects in the past who made new investors more cautious, the mandatory KYC process, ...

Source : https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-09-10/crypto-ico-funding-dropped-in-august-to-lowest-in-16-months?srnd=cryptocurrencies


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