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Top 6 Cryptocurrencies That Recently Hit ATHs

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So i'm sharing this news just because some people think there is no more money to make nowadays and they need to wait the market go up again to start trading & co. Having another point of view with coins making their best price ever in the actual state of the market is a proof that (even if it's harder) it's still possible to make profit.

BUT i know this article is a little "catchy" in the sense they bend things to fill their needs. For example the "recently" need to be taken with cautious, for most of the crypto the all time high is older than 4 months  (so not really "recently" in a fast crypto market).

Secondly they "cheat" a ittle, for example with Vechain. The all time high is only few days ago ... but only because the coin was rebranded and started again with a new ticker and no old data. Vechain Thor (VET) replaced Vechain (VEN) in august.

Source: https://nulltx.com/top-6-cryptocurrencies-that-recently-hit-aths/

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