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Do you like sport betting?

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Hi @Aaqibking666.... 

You can place sports bets online with cryptocurrency at 1xbit. 
You don't need much apart from depositing and withdrawing ... just the same like primedice ... 
Although be careful that you register your account with a real name. They might ask for a copy of your id in future.. 

I have a Sports betting tips page on the forum which you can check out too ... I post winning bets on this page of odds above 1.62x ... you can check out the progress too .... 

This is my referral link if you want to register at the  betting website 1xbit.

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When im searching for some sport bettings i will always go for Football gambling, due to so many compreension of the game itself and experience i have from / with / to.

Mostly at online verified, legitm Casinos where there are many People betting as where they have all this adds on Social media outside the box.

I have also been betting with Fiat only and not cryptocurrencies as i do not feel safe using them for these type of bets :D

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i get fairly decent amount of success on nba over and under in the 3rd quarter..... usually the underdog wins with 3 or more spread.... but then again thats just me .... lost a lot wagering on lebron james too.... didnt quite perform as he usually is known for..... i hear >Euro league  games are rigged as shit ... but dont have much insider info .... i'd love to hear any hoops picks if you got any .....

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