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My PD Anniversary. 😎💥🎉

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Heya Rollers and Rolletes!

Well what do you know.. A year has passed already when I first joined Primedice. 🎉😉

I remember back then, I was just one of those curious people, curious what BTC is. Was gathering from small satoshi faucet apps on my phone.. And suddenly saw an ad of PD on one of my faucet apps on my phone. 😁

Joined in, met some new silly friends. They come and go. Learned how to play the game, and even experienced to be a high roller on some occasions. Been a forum junkie, and met some more silly people. ✌🏽😂

I am truly happy to be a member here. It was 3 days ago, it was my first year here in the casino.

Cheers to everyone! 👍😉


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I have been joined to PD 13month ago and I have a great moment playing dice here. 😉 I have winning days sometimes but straight losing .As was the first , I have tried many other casino sites but u really enjoy and playing at PD coz it is easy to use and compatible with all version of devices. More over ,chatting with new people or friend at chat room make very fun and informative especially happy to reply post in forum community.

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