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IBM Launches Stellar-Based Blockchain Payments Platform

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IBM has launched a blockchain-based financial solution that it says has the potential to completely upend the existing status quo in global payments and remittances. 

How it will work ? The financial institutions, via an API, will be able to use any digital asset they'll want (a central bank digital currency, crypto or stablecoin) as a bridge between two fiat currencies. All transactions will be store on the Stellar blockchain. The goal is to have faster payment processing, simultaneous clearing and settlement, reduced time to dispute resolution and reconciliation and substantially lower clearing costs.

Source : https://www.ccn.com/world-wire-ibm-launches-stellar-based-blockchain-payments-platform/

What is great is the fact that this blockchain (called IBM Blockchain World Wire) is not based on Ethereum or any usual ones but on Stellar. This one have a great potential for the next years.

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4 hours ago, singpays said:

I think Stellar Breaking "All time high up" My prediction 0.0001 highest this end of year, and your's 


I don't know for a specific price but definitely i read some good stuff about Stellar for the future (and I don't have enough of them in my portfolio unfortunately ^^)

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