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1567$, that's the cost to mine 1BTC for Bitfarms

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Bitfarms Technologies Ltd. is a company who is mining Bitcoin. And it seem it's a very profitable business for them since they claim it cost them 1567$ to mine 1 Bitcoin in the first 6 months of 2018. With the price of BTC moving let's say around 6.000-7.000 $ on average ... that's a 4x ROI on each one they mine.

How they do that ? By using renawable energy in Canada. And when you'll know they mined in those 6 months almost 2.000 BTC, plus 2,222 BCH, 3,324 LTC, 567 ETH and 220 DASH ... you can make the maths.

And they don't plan to stop there since they already bought some new lands in Quebec to build new facilities and they secure a deal with Hydro-Sherbrooke to secure 98 MW of low-cost electricity, enough to grow its mining operation five times their current size.

Source : https://minernews.io/bitfarms-cost-is-just-1567-to-mine-each-btc/

Rish bish company spotted ;)

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