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Hidden's worst nightmare

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yo yo everyone! Good day to all esp. to the high rollers named "hidden" lol.. but why would some players hide everything from wager to profit and now even their bets?

One main reason: unsolicited private messages from strangers and beggars ..

and the worst part, these private messages are from the same people who are getting muted every now and then due to same issues lol

Guys, seriously? ok maybe one "goodluck bro" is fine but its kinda annoying if you get these pm like every 10 seconds( 5-6 continuous messages) and these sometimes stops the roll or causes lag to be honest.

Let us let each players do their thing.. if they want to roll high base let them! They have reasons why they do that- maybe they got huge balance? or wanted to win asap? who knows??

Its not really helping, if the players wanted something we have our chat window or support, there you can make friendly conversations. Just pls avoid being like these people:

1. "advisers": people who randomly sends msgs like, hey bro dangerous strat, you playing wrong bro, im warning you! if you lose you say byebye money! (and why do they think everyone playing is a guy? hahaha)

2."dice-site warriors" people who sends all the links of other sites  hoping for you to join em lol

3. "minions": aka beggars. No need to explain hahahaha

Just saying :)  

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