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Grammar BOT Name Change

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Hereby requesting a name change to NaziBot / GrammarBot 

I don't know , whether it is my OCD,
But the bug of correcting wrong usage of words , just makes my skin itch all over when I see folks using incorrect simple words interchangeably without a care in the world.
Maybe people don't care enough or it might be the millennial thing or a sense  of entitlement with some folks or a sense of pride even when they thump their chest while using wrong grammar. 

Appropriate usage of the most common mistake on PD.

LOSE = I LOST my balls tonight with all the reds, wagering. 
LOOSE= My ball sack is so LOOSE , that my balls fell down. 

please share more blunders that you encounter in the chat  and grace the forum with some dose of laughter.

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