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What are the things you miss about being a child ?

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1 minute ago, CaptainLorca said:

Not caring man. The world meant nothing. It was about the here and now. That was important. I miss that

Exactly. I miss being free to make whatever crossed my mind without thinking about the day of tomorrow, without getting exhausted or bored of anything. The world was a game and everything around me was something I could've fun with :D

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I miss being nagged by my mother when I am skipping nap time every afternoon. Now it is reversed, I am being scolded for always sleeping every chance I get when I have rest day from work saying I am being lazy. I miss being the one who is receiving money from my parents because now I am the one giving them and I am the one paying bills (adulting is so hard!). Also I miss playing/hanging out with my childhood friends because we all drift apart after entering high school. :(

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i miss the innocence i had in my life ...... Now i have turned in one serious cunning person. I miss going outdoors and living the thug life in my childhood. Eating as many chocolates and icecreams without a care in this world. Hitting at all the hot ladies in the neighborhood without any shame.
Playing outdoors all day and using home as just a lodge for sleeping and dining purposes. Getting presents and money during festivals and family events. 
I miss my ex too.

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