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Be careful of the Imitator Name!

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Be careful of the imitator!

Lately, there is often a username imitating exactly the same as the name of someone who has a good reputation on the PD site for scamming.
Some people have become victims of fraudsters and tried to do their actions but are often thwarted because many members commemorate suspicious activities.

The last time I saw,
that scammer tried to imitate the name of a reputable member named UltraChief (Moderator Forum) by using the imitate names is UltraThief and UltraSoviet.
Currently, the Impersonator has been banned and to commemorate you. I hope everyone can pay attention to this message and be on the lookout for someone who claims but uses a new account to send you a message.



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I tell everyone who wants to make a deal to contact me on forum and not on chat for this reason. But if people are not going to listen to advice which has been repeated by the PD staff a million times then I cant help.

UltraBank is my Bank but it seems like another person tried to scam somebody imitating my account name "UltraBank" here - 


Be careful of such scammers people. Always verify with me here on forum and on chat that its me if you are going to do a trade.

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