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📢 Looking for people to work as Brand Managers for specific languages

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We are looking for people to work in a closed team of Brand Managers.

The job consists in you doing updates to your threads on Bitcointalk, some extra Forums and extra social medias, such as Facebook Groups based on a schedule we will give you.
These updates must be done in your local language section and should not take you more than a few minutes per day.

- Be able to talk fluently any other language than English (By that, we mean no Google translators or anything similar. If we find you using such services you will be kicked from the team and don't expect any payment)
- Some photoshop knowledge. You don't need to be an expert but some basic knowledge so you can edit/translate some assets we will provide to you to use in your daily posts

Biggest Need:
Danish, Swedish and Norwegian at the moment.
Also looking for someone with a good knowledge about photoshop to create us weekly new images / assets

- Weekly, directly to your wallet address or by tip to your Stake or Primedice account, whichever suits you better
- You will not have a fix payment per week, you will get paid for each update you do, which means we are looking for people really interested in working. The more you post the bigger is your payment.

Feel free to leave any question you may have here in comments or through Private Message to @Carollzinha directly, please. Caroll will be able to give you the most precise information since she is the Head of Brand Managers for Primedice and Stake.com

- This is a serious job so do not apply if you are not really interested in doing it well.
- Please don't apply to any other language that is not in the above list.
- Please don't apply for photoshop work if you are not really good at it.

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Posted (edited)

80-120 WPM depending on hard I try. I am Swedish and had grades in it over avarage, my english is superb thanks to hours and hours of online gaming. I have read a ton of books so I can formulate myself well.  feels like a job made for me spontainly, I am also very good at arguing people down been on forums since 2002, 3k posts + on the swedish forum Flashback (3 diff accounts).
I suck at PS tho I know the basics and how to watch YT tutorials but I got no creative skills if that's what you are after. But this post per payment I'd give this my all, I can elaborate my dedication to stuff I put my all into if you want.

I made myself for a job like this, gamer since 15 nerdy nerdy hours per day 28 now and still very much nerd. Respond fast to make people speechless is a fun challenge I like to run when needed.

I have skype, can get discord, telegram, signal if you want to talk over voice rather than chat.

Very interested, not for the pay but to have a reason to get an apartment and do something constructive instead of just being a spambot :P

I forgot to add check the acc sickhouse @ bitcointalk to get an idea of how I argue and do promotions - here's an example my friend made https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=442993.0 (flip poker very many years ago). I didn't give my all because no pay gives you a jist tho. Many posts are just me farming BTC tho. I remember arguing a lot with PD about stuff ^_^


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Looking for a Romanian as well!

But please don't message me if you have any pending loan, negative trust on forums, have been banned or is currently reported for spam or anything inside the forum until you can fix that issue with the Moderator that have warned you or the Support team.

This is a Brand Manager work and we only want people that can really represent our Brands.

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