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Hello PD Community

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DiamondDude here, just wanted to introduce myself. Currently residing in Milan. I'm a full time gambler (mostly sports). Currently came across this game and I'm already addicted. Made some friends in the chat and finally signed up on the forum. I believe in positive vibes and energy, I will not drag down my fellow dicers. If you ever need someone to talk to, just message me. 💫

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11 hours ago, UltraChief said:

Welcome to the Primedice forums. Make sure to read all rules before you post. Good luck on your rolls. :) 


11 hours ago, davincuy said:

Welcome to the primedice mate.. hope u enjoy the game, Goodluck :) 

Thank you Ultra, I'll make sure I go over them again!


Thank you, davincuy. Same to you! 

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On 14/08/2018 at 04:51, athena2007 said:

@DiamondDude  a diamond gezzer .. very chirpy and polite in chat .... welcome to primediice and its lovely to have kool charachter like u here .. happy hunting and my u hit it big .. athena2007 

Awww geez, thanks so much athena. I really appreciate the kind words thank you for the warm welcome.


Same goes for everyone else, appreciate all the hellos and warm welcomes. Best of luck! 

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