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Primedice is.....

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Hey Primedicers! 

We are all here because we obviously like Primedice. How about showing off how you like Primedice by this,

We are going to describe primedice with a twist. I will start the sentence and then the last word in the sentence should be available in the one who will describe it. 

So here it goes, I like Primedice because it’s the best dicing game ever!

now next one to describe will use the word ever in his sentence wherever he wanna put it in sentence, be it beginning, middle or at the end.

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I see no one answered the topic, perhaps I'll start)
All the reasons I have from the bottom:

- reliability, guaranteed payments

- automatic payments of very large amounts without any fittings

- attractive design

- generous giveaways

- your cool forum

- reactive technical support

- pleasant communication in a well moderated chat room

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Last word is : Team . So my sentence:

I stay in primedice becouse it has great Team !! (mods and support) well stake has same... but i  win more in primedice  in stake uh..i dont . Say something nice about pd support/ mod

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