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Name Your PD Buddy 😘🤞

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On 05/08/2018 at 13:32, dmbadillo10 said:

Heya Rollers and Rolletes!

Let's have some fun and revealing today, shall we?

This is not a game or such. This topic is for us guys to share who is your "PD Buddy" and why?

For me, having some buddies here on PD, or any online casino is nice, in a way that you can talk and share experiences. Even if its a bad beat or a huge win. Or even ways to earn outside of the casino. Its just like having a friend in real world. 😃

Lemme start. I have a lot of PD buddies. One of them is @athena2007. I mentioned athena coz' this one is the most person who shared almost everything to me. I started from applying loans, and of course paying back promptly, and then chat jokes and stuff. That most likely how the friendship started. So theaners, we're a country away, but cheers buddy!

How about you guys? Whos your buddy and why? 😃

my buddies pd is :  @Eugene265 cuz he cool and he is my sis

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goodmorning guys hello pd 

I start my dice playing i hope have luck today small profit is enough than nothing luck quickly dissapear so grab it then if you won withdraw then put small balance thats my strategy in dice very simple but effective hehehe!

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On 30/05/2019 at 12:45, Jennifer said:

I don't have :( dear pd

Let's be friends 😁

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