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Boomerang Or Fly-FIshing .. Beggars Technique

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Few points I would like to remind you all.

1. Do not tag/PM any mod/support to look into your issue. We will take action when we are online and have time at hand. We are humans and not robots staying up all day.

2. Do not "feed the troll" - Ignore them.

3. We appreciate reporting posts and that is the standard protocol for mods to double check threads. Reporting a post once is enough. No need to spam reports.

4. If you have a personal problem with anybody take it to the PM. Do not spam on threads about it. Act like a mature adult and not like a 10year old kid.

This is a verbal warning to everyone in this thread, by everyone I mean everyone. If this continues we will have follow it up with more stricter actions.

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just havin my popcorn looking at chat just a few minutes ago HAHAHAHA one player is really good at this no doubt.. any school for this that we can learn to do it as well? lol like really.. theyre sooo good i wonder how they manage to hook these whales

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Thanks you very much Athena  for positing necessary information which players should to understand .Now I clearly understand different types of beggars in chat and how they look like so I can behave not being like them or avoid the scammers😉.

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