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I have something... - Giveaway

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The. Race. Is. Open.


This weeks giveaway will be something different.

I have something in my apartment and YOU need to guess whats on it.

  • Each day one hint gets released on topic
  • You can purchase private hints 
  • Answer must be given until Saturday 12 PM (GMT+2) - Topic will be locked on this moment.
  • You can post only ONE answer a day and NEVER edit it! (Edit of a comment or two comments within 24 hours will be ignored)
  • If no one gets it, the prize won't go out and the money from purchased hints will be refunded.

How does a private hint work?

You can buy as many hints as you want at any time I am able to respond, no hint twice - its every time a new one ;). You can purchase it with Forumsats or Tip on Primedice Chat. Purchases get documented in this mainpost.
Every hint is private and its up to everyone to publish it anyhow. 

All the money collected from purchased hints will be added to the prize!

Price of hint: 1000 Satoshi

If you get the answer on time, you'll get 0.0003 Satoshi + possible money from purchased hints!


  1. Its not about the letters.
  2. but it contains 3 letters..
  3. Its holding a staff.
  4. Fictional
  5. Its hanging on the wall 
  6. December 14, 2015 
  7. It’s a person
  8. VII

Purchased hints:

@Kate: 11

Total: 0.00011000

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