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Event listeners and the browser console

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I thought I could take a quick look into the PD HTML code and figure out how much of energy I would have to waste to make a "Thememaker".

So since I've never worked with Javascript, that much like in 2018, before, I'm wondering.. if I can add an Eventlistener through the console of the Browser? 

So far I've been stupid enough to not figure it out on my own or find a solution through google :D.. 

We're talking about this two badboys: 


You can guess.. the colors never change once applied. But wouldn't it be nice if it would behave a little more like the original theme? Also there is a problem with the betting field underneath these badboys. Without an event listener it could be complicated to keep the color, if it gets changed from manual to automated - or make it listening to the right event.. (dunno if that is possible too xD)

Maybe I'm just to blind to see. I don't know. :D.. but maybe someone got an idea.

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